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      How to Study the Quran - Suggestions







      Appeal to Righteousness Based on Lineage, Relationship, Companionship and Proximity

      As-Sirat (The Path, The Bridge Over Hell)

      Ask Those That Have Knowledge

      Blind Following

      Did Harut and Marut Teach Dark Magic?

      Do Animals Have Souls?

      Does the Quran Prohibit Gold and Silk for Men?

      Do I Need to Perform Ablution (Wudu) Before I Can Touch the Quran?

      Idolatry According to the Quran

      Imamate - A Shi'a Doctrine

      Intercession and the Prophet's Help

      Is Gabriel (Jibril) an Angel?

      Is Makkah the Original Location for the Masjid al-Haram?

      Is the Punishment of Hell Eternal?

      Is the Second Coming of Prophet Jesus (pbuh) Supported by the Quran?

      Miracles or Misunderstood Natural Phenomenon?

      Moon Sighting

      Music and Singing

      Nikaah al-Mut'ah - Temporary Marriage

      No Sects in Islam - We are Only Muslims

      Parakletos or Periklytos?

      Punishment of the Grave (Azab-e-Qabar)

      Radhi Allah Unho - The Dangers of Not Knowing What You are Saying

      Severe Rebuke of Idolatry in the Old Testament and God's Jealousy

      Shahadah - The True Testimony

      Superstitions - A Satanic Weapon


      The Bible Does Not Teach the Trinity

      The Difference Between Hadith and Sunna

      The Night Journey - Isra and Mi'raj

      The Qibla Change

      The Righteous Caliphs

      The Seven Ahruf, Recitations (Qiraat), Hafs and Warsh  

      The Trumpet is Blown or is it?

      Time-Bound Sunna

      Understanding the Quranic Meaning of 'Jihad'

      What is 'Wasilah' from a Quran's Perspective?

      What is a Muslim Name? - A Misnomer

      What is the Quranic Ruh (Spirit)?

      Zam Zam Water








      Are Some Muslims of Today Any Different from the Quraish (Mushrikeen) of Old?

      Death Penalty for Blasphemy

      Following the 'Kuffar' (Disbelievers)

      Forced Faith is No Faith

      Marriage with the People of the Book

      Muslim and Mu'min (Believer) - The Difference

      People of the Book (Jews & Christians)

      The Walking Dead

      Understanding 'Kufr' (Disbelief) from a Quranic Perspective

URL    Understanding Surah Tauba (Chapter 9) and the Infamous 'Killing' Verses

      Was the 'Favour' Only Completed for Muslims?

      Why is the term 'Muslims' Hijacked?

      Will the Sins of Muslims be Transferred to Christians and Jews?







      A Creature from the Earth

      Abrogation - A False Doctrine

      Are Mutashabih Verses Allegorical?

      Bees and Fruits

      'Between his Hands' or 'Before It' (Ma Bayna Yadayhi)

      Book Worship and Reverence

      Burden of Proof - Prophet Abraham's (pbuh) Argument

      Code 19 and the Removal of Two Verses from the Quran - A Problematic Theory

      Does 'Hikmah' (Wisdom) Mean Sunna of the Prophet Muhammad? (pbuh)

      Does the Quran Assert in Verse 4:82 That it Contains No Contradictions?

      Fluid Beginnings of Asbab ul-Nazul


      God Has Warned Believers to Only Follow the Quran

      Grammatical Errors in the Quran - A Baseless Assertion

      How the Quran Describes Itself

      How to Study the Quran

      How Did God's Agents (Prophets & Messengers) Receive Inspirations?

      How Do We Know that the Quran was Fully Preserved? - Is it Not the Ahadith That Informs Us?

      How Many Angels Were Talking to Mary?

      Huroof-e-Muqqatat (Disjointed Letters)

      Itmam al-Hujjah - Completion of Proof

      Lailut-ul qadr - An Understanding from a Quranic Perspective

      Mother of the Book (Umm-ul-Kitab)


      'Nur' as Reflected Light - A Restrictive Rendering

      Pharaoh - Lord of the Stakes or Pyramids?

      Scientific Miracles in the Quran

      Some Commandments from the Quran

      Some Prayers From the Quran

      The Best Hadith

      The Compilation of the Quran

      The Quran Stands Alone As Sole Religious Guidance

      The Sabbath Breakers: Apes & Swine - A Metaphorical or Literal Reading?

      The Seven Oft-Repeated

       The Sleepers of the Cave - The Quran, Historical Sources and Observation

      The Sun Setting in Murky Waters

      Two Verbs to Describe 'Fear' (Khashiya & Khafa) - The Difference

      Understanding the Quran

      Understanding the Quranic term 'Alameen'

      Understanding the Quranic term 'Salaba'

      Understanding the term 'Sunna' from a Quran's Perspective

      Understanding Verses 2:72-73

      Understanding Verse 42:51 - Who can Receive 'Wahi'?

      Unknown Towns and Names - Why fill in the gaps?

      Verse 86:7 - Human Creation

      What Does 'Amen' Mean in the Context of Prayer and is it Quranic?

      What is the Quranic Sujud (Prostration)?

      When Does the New Day Begin From a Quran's Perspective?

      Why Does the Quran Sometimes Use the Plural?







      A Generous, Loving and Forgiving Lord

      'Allah' is Not an Exclusive Name for God

      Problems with Locating God in Time, Space and as Part of His Creation







      Are the Arabs and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Really Descendants of Prophet Abraham? (pbuh)

      Did Prophet Abraham (pbuh) Really Send His Wife Hagar and Son Ishmael (pbuh) Away Alone to a Barren Land?

      Prophet Abraham's (pbuh) Original Sanctuary - At Makkah (Mecca) or Bakkah (Baca)?

      Prophet Abraham's (pbuh) Sacrificial Son - Ishmael or Isaac? (pbut)







      A Deeper Look at the Word 'Iktatabaha'

      Can the Prophet Help You?

      Exclusiveness of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

      Following the Example of the Prophet - What is that Example?

      God and the Angels Bless the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

      Miracles of the Prophet (pbuh)

      Obey Allah (God) and the Messenger

      Prophet 'Hazir Nazir' Ever Witnessing and Present, Possessing Unseen Knowledge and Alive in His Grave

      Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as a Mercy to Creation

      Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh)  Special Mercy Status

      'Take What the Prophet Gives You' - Support for the Sunna

      The Beautiful Character of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

      The Superiority of Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) Mission

      Was the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Really Illiterate?

      Were all the Prophet's Utterances a 'Wahi' from God? (Divinely inspired)






      Adam (pbuh) and Jannah - An Earthly Abode or Paradise?

      Did Prophet Solomon (pbuh) Really Slaughter His Horses?

      Do Not Make Any Distinctions Between the Messengers of God

      End of Prophethood - Continuation of Messengers?

      Exodus of Prophet Moses's (pbuh) People

      Is the Name 'Ahmad' Found in the Bible?

      Is Verse 3:81 a Reference to any Particular Messenger?

      Mary - Sister of Aaron (pbuh)

      Mount Sinai - Behind the Translations

      PBUH - Peace Be Upon Him

      The Virgin Birth of Prophet Jesus (pbuh)

      The Limits of Obeying a Messenger

      Understanding the Crucifixion of Jesus (pbuh) from a Quran's Perspective

      Was Prophet Jesus (pbuh) sent to the Gentiles?

      What is the Injeel?







      Hadith Qudsi

      Ibn Ishaq's Sira of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

      Non-Muslim Sources of the Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) Ministry

      Poetry from a Quran's Perspective and a Historic Survey

      Shi'a Doctrine and Literary Sources - A Brief Survey

      The Earliest Historical Sources of the Incident of Karbala

      The Sahifah of Hammam ibn Munabbih

      Unwarranted Prejudice Against Past Scholars, Compilers and Historians    







      Is Arabic a Holy or Superior Language?

      Produce a Surah Like It - The Challenge of the Quran

      Why was the Quran revealed in Arabic? 







      A Deeper Look at the Word 'Daraba' (To Beat) in Context of Wives

      A Deeper Look at the Word 'Khimar'

      Aggressive (Mis)translations of the Quran to Enslave Women

      Can Menstruating Women Fast?

      Does the Quran Confine Widows to Their Homes in their Waiting Period (Iddat)?

      Does the Quran Really Sanction Beating of Wives?

      Does Verse 65:4 Provide Consent to Consummate a Marriage with Female Minors?


      Marrying Four Wives in Islam

      Nikaah - The Contract of Marriage

      Nikaah al-Mut'ah - Temporary Marriage

      Sex with Slave Girls

      Sexy Female Virgins for Men in Paradise - Really?

      Should Women Lead Mixed Prayer Congregations as Religious Leaders?

      Stoning for Adultery

      Suckling the Breasts of Women to Become Their Mehram

      Thobe & Jilbab

      Was Ayesha Really a Child Bride? - Marriageable Age from the Quran

      Was Adam's (pbuh) Spouse Created from his Rib?

      Where Do We Learn About Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) Wives?

      Women's Right to Earn Similar to Men








      Cutting the Hands of a Thief - No Ordinary Thief

      Eating with your Left Hand


      Fasting is Prescribed Until Night Not Sunset


      Inheritance Laws in the Quran

      Islamic Divorce

      Kissing the Black Stone - Veneration or an Idolatrous Practice?


      Sajda e-Tilawat

      The Concept of Sadaqah from the Quran

      The Concept of Zakah from the Quran

      The Hajj and Umrah According to the Quran

      Time of Fajr and the End of Sehri in the Month of Ramadan

      The Seven Circuits of the Ka'aba

      Washing or Wiping the Feet in Wudu (Ablution)?

      Wudu (Ablution) According to the Quran








      Alleged Murder Sanctioned by the Prophet - Overlap of the Ahadith Canon with the Sira Genre

      Are Dogs Really Impure? A Hunting Dog's Catch

      Are Statues and Images Unlawful (Haram)?

      A Message of Peace or to Live by the Sword?

      Is Adoption Forbidden in Islam?

      Quranic Punishment - Murder vs Manslaughter

      The Concept of Hijrat

      The 'Lost' Months of Hajj

      What is the True Definition of 'Deen' from a Quran's Perspective?







      Are Intoxicants Forbidden (Haram) in the Quran?

      Does the Quran allow the eating of Lions, Dogs, Cats, Rats etc?

      Eat and Drink But Don't Be Extravagant

      Food Permissibility and Prohibitions

      Is Kosher Meat Permissible for Consumption?

      Why is Swine Flesh Forbidden for Consumption?

      Slaughtering of Animals - The Correct Method of Sacrifice








      Are There Seven Heavens or Several Heavens?

      A Purpose to Creation - The Power of Truth

      Do Aliens Exist?

      The Shape of the Earth

      Heaven(s) and Paradise - The Difference

      Theory of Evolution and the Quran

      The Jinn






      A Jewish Prayer in Complete Resonance with Quranic Verses on the Requirements of Prayer

      A Personal Experience with Prayer at Madinat al-Zahra (Al Andalus). Near Cordoba, Spain

      Are there 3 or 5 Prayers in the Day?

      Darud Shareef Prayer

      Do We Have to Pray in Arabic?

      How Can We Learn to Pray if We Don't Have Hadith to Teach Us?

      Pray As We Have Taught You How to Pray - Using Verse 2.239 As Support For a Fixed Form of Prayer

      Praying 'For' the Dead is Different from Praying 'Through' the Dead

      Preparing the Dead Body for Burial and the Quran's Perspective

      Shortening of Prayers

      The Five Prayers from the Quran

      The Importance of Congregational Prayer

      The Tahajjud Prayer

      Was Ritual Prayer a Practice Invented Later?

      What is 'Salaat' (Prayer) from the Quran?

      Why Do We Have to Recite the Quran Back to God in Prayer?








      Do Not Complicate Religion - Wisdom from Surah Baqarah

      Do the Best You Can with Sincerity

      Follow Those Who Ask of No Fee

      Following Traditions Blindly - Trained Monkeys Experiment

      Free Mixing or Righteous Interaction?

      Indeed to God We Belong and Indeed to Him is Our Return - 'inna-lillahi-wa'inna-ilayhi rajiun'


      Prohibitions in a Nutshell

      Quranic Wisdom

      Salamun Alaikum - What is an Islamic Greeting?

      Satan's Guile

      Speak a Gentle Word

      Stand Up For Justice

      Suffering and Adversity

      The Intensity of God's Oaths - The Even and the Odd

      Traditions of Men - A Small Lesson from the Bible

      Understanding Our Trials - Why Me?

      We will be Tested





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