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After visiting Sennen Cove at Cornwall, we finally arrived at Land's End at the most Westerly point of England's mainland about an hour before sunset. We waited for a while and were treated with the most gorgeous sunset. The experience of the travel, the coming to a road's end and 'perceiving' the sun setting in a pool of water somewhat resonated with Zulqurnain's travel and his coming to an extremity point of the sun's setting at the edge of a mainland.



018.086 (Part)

"Until, when he reached the setting of the sun, he found it (Arabic: wajadaha) setting in a spring of murky water ..."


'wajadaha' - perceive, experience, find.


(See related article [1] below)



In the case of this mainland's edge, the waters would extend across the Atlantic Ocean past the Rhode Island Shelf Valley, Long Island and to New York over 3000 miles away.





Picture Copyright Joseph Islam. All rights reserved






Picture Copyright Joseph Islam. All rights reserved







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