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The particular prayer of 'Tahajjud' has only been mentioned once in the Quran and was enjoined on the Prophet Muhammad. (pbuh) This is clear from the Arabic text. The address is to a 'singular noun' and is directed at the Prophet.


This prayer was not enjoined on the believers albeit believers were asked to perform their daily prayers and perform as much 'dhikr' (remembrance) as they could whilst remaining careful not to overburden themselves (73:20).


“And pray in the small watches of the morning (Arabic - faTAHAJJAD): (it would be) an additional prayer (Arabic Nafilatan) for thee (Arabic - Laka): it may be (Arabic: Asa) that thy Lord will raise thee to a station of praise and glory! (Arabic: yab-athaka rabbuka maqamamah'mudan)


The Arabic verb 'tahajjad' is in the 2nd person masculine singular form. The additional prayer is then subsequently mentioned as 'for you' (Arabic: Laka) which is again in the 2nd person masculine singular personal pronoun form.


Within the context of the language, this is clearly a reference and directive for the Prophet only.  


Such a prayer is only optional on the believers and not compulsory.




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