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Despite clear evidence and instructions to believers not to make any distinctions amongst God's messengers, it is often asserted by many Muslims that the following verse provides Quranic proof of Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) exclusivity over all other messengers of God and mankind.


The fact that God Himself along with His angels shower blessings on the Prophet is cited as one of the main reasons for the exclusivity of the Prophet. 



“Indeed, God and His angels send blessings (Arabic: Yusalluna) on the Prophet: O you that believe! Send blessings on him and greet him with respect / greetings”


However, we note a few verses earlier that similar blessings are also conferred on believers in much the same manner, challenging the doctrine of exclusivity based on this verse. God and His angels also bless the believers.



“O ye who believe! Celebrate the praises of God, and do this often; And glorify Him morning and evening. He is the One Who sends His blessings (Arabic: Yusalli) on you, as do His angels, that He may bring you out from the depths of Darkness into Light: and He is Full of Mercy to the Believers"






To argue for the exclusivity and preference of one messenger of God over another is not sanctioned by the Quran and is in fact rebuked by it.


Believers are clearly informed not to make any distinctions between the messengers of God. Furthermore, to take isolated Quranic verses out of context to support a theology which primarily exists within Islamic secondary sources, is an injustice to the Quran's true message.



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