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          A Jewish Prayer in Complete Resonance with Quranic Verses on the Requirements of Prayer

          A Personal Experience with Prayer at Madinat al-Zahra (Al Andalus). Near Cordoba, Spain

          Are there 3 or 5 Prayers in the Day?

          Darud Shareef Prayer

          Do We Have to Pray in Arabic?

          How Can We Learn to Pray if We Don't Have Hadith to Teach Us?

          Pray As We Have Taught You How to Pray - Using Verse 2.239 As Support For a Fixed Form of Prayer

          Praying 'For' the Dead is Different from Praying 'Through' the Dead

          Preparing the Dead Body for Burial and the Quran's Perspective

          Shortening of Prayers

          The Five Prayers from the Quran

          The Importance of Congregational Prayer

          The Tahajjud Prayer

          Was Ritual Prayer a Practice Invented Later?

          What is 'Salaat' (Prayer) from the Quran?

          Why Do We Have to Recite the Quran Back to God in Prayer?






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