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          Appeal to Righteousness Based on Lineage, Relationship, Companionship and Proximity

          As-Sirat (The Path, The Bridge Over Hell)

          Ask Those That Have Knowledge

          Blind Following

          Did Harut and Marut Teach Dark Magic?

          Do Animals Have Souls?

          Does the Quran Prohibit Gold and Silk for Men?

          Do I Need to Perform Ablution (Wudu) Before I Can Touch the Quran?

          Idolatry According to the Quran

          Imamate - A Shi'a Doctrine

          Intercession and the Prophet's Help

          Is Gabriel (Jibril) an Angel?

          Is Makkah the Original Location for the Masjid al-Haram?

          Is the Punishment of Hell Eternal?

          Is the Second Coming of Prophet Jesus (pbuh) Supported by the Quran?

          Miracles or Misunderstood Natural Phenomenon?

          Moon Sighting

          Music and Singing

          Nikaah al-Mut'ah - Temporary Marriage

          No Sects in Islam - We are Only Muslims

          Parakletos or Periklytos?

          Punishment of the Grave (Azab-e-Qabar)

          Radhi Allah Unho - The Dangers of Not Knowing What You are Saying

          Severe Rebuke of Idolatry in the Old Testament and God's Jealousy

          Shahadah - The True Testimony

          Superstitions - A Satanic Weapon


          The Bible Does Not Teach the Trinity

          The Difference Between Hadith and Sunna

          The Night Journey - Isra and Mi'raj

          The Qibla Change

          The Righteous Caliphs  

          The Seven Ahruf, Recitations (Qiraat), Hafs and Warsh  

          The Trumpet is Blown or is it?

          Time-Bound Sunna

          Understanding the Quranic Meaning of 'Jihad'

          What is 'Wasilah' from a Quran's Perspective?

          What is a Muslim Name? - A Misnomer

          What is the Quranic Ruh (Spirit)?

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