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Many times in the Quran, one notes that God takes oaths by His creation.


"Nay, I swear by the places of the stars - And indeed! that surely is a tremendous oath, if you but knew"







Therefore, arguably a central theme of the Quran is to draw one to ponder and question over the majesty of the Creator behind such an immense Creation. Did Creation really occur out of nothing? (Ex nihilo) or was it part of a grand scheme by an All-Powerful Intelligent Designer.  The power of God's oaths is indeed immense and often their limits can transcend the scope of our faculties.


I cite but yet another example to illustrate this.


In Chapter 89 of the Quran (Surah Fajr), the verses once again initiate with Divine oaths.



I swear by the daybreak, And the ten nights.


In verse 3, we read the following oath



And the even and the odd (wa-shaf'i wal-watri)



Many commentators have expressed their thoughts with regards the purport of this verse. As societies have progressed with advancements in thought, scientific discoveries, technologies, the immense magnitude becomes more apparent and yet it becomes even more evident that we will never actually be able to fathom its full scope and complexity. There is a significance that every thing has a counterpart, a sense of duality and hence a corresponding relationship is also alluded to in another Quranic verse.



Glory be to Him who created in pairs all whatever the earth produces and in themselves and in that of which they have no knowledge


Both verses (89:3 and 36:36) deal with the polarity in all creation whether it is animate or inanimate which is correspondingly expressed in the prevalence of diametrically opposed yet complimentary forces. From the sexuality within the human and animal kingdom (in the widest sense possible), down to the very nature of cell division, Mitosis and Meiosis. Further still within the chemical DNA, containing genetic information vital for all living organisms which consists of two long polymers of simple units called nucleotides. These two strands which form the very crux of living organisms straddle in opposite directions to one other. From male and female (4:1), to sweet and bitter water (25:53), light and darkness (2:257), hot and cold, endothermic and exothermic, positive and negative magnetism in electricity, positive and negative charges to protons and electrons within the atom.  In thought, the power of subjective and objective reasoning, the good the bad, life and death. Within the realms of technology, an electrical impulse or the absence thereof. To this very webpage and how it has been transmitted - binary: 1s and Os (zeros).  In medicine, from toxins to its antidote; health and sickness to the finite and the infinite. From rest and motion to one-many; right-left; east-west; backwards-forwards; north-south; straight-crooked and the open and the closed. From truth to falsehood, we are inevitably led to the pinnacle of realisation:


The Created and the Uncreated (God Himself).


Yet a moment to recite the words 'wa-shaf'i wal-watri' (and the even and the odd), would render a whole lifetime insufficient to fully comprehend it.


Joseph Islam

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