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The Mother of the 'book' (Umm-ul-Kitab) is the master source which is within God's presence. It is the original source and foundation from which all scriptures and revelations from God emanate including the Quran.



God eliminates what He wills and confirms what He pleases: with Him is the Mother of the Book (Arabic: Umm ul-Kitab) 



“By the Book that makes things clear. Indeed, We have made it a Quran in Arabic, that ye may be able to understand. And indeed, it is in the Mother of the Book (Arabic: Umm-ul-Kitab), in our presence (Arabic: Ladayna), high (in dignity), full of wisdom”


The Umm-ul-Kitab is a source in the presence of God and is also referred to as the ‘Luh-e-Mahfuz’ (Guarded tablet) which is fully guarded and protected



“Nay! This is a Glorious Quran, (Inscribed) in a Tablet Guarded / Protected (Arabic: Luh-e-Mahfuz) 





It is absolutely clear when these verses are examined, that there exists a separate source which is only with God, a master source which cannot be corrupted and is guarded against (Umm-ul-Kitab - Mother of all Books). It is a master source from which all messages and scriptures have emanated and has been the source of fundamental teachings and truths that all messengers of God have delivered.




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