EDWARD LANES LEXICON  Edward William Lane [b. 1801 d. 1876]

This lexicon is a monumental piece of work by Edward William Lane (1801-1876) in 8 comprehensive volumes and remains an immense resource  for English speakers throughout the world engaged in academia and studying Arabic in depth. It has also been utilised by many great English commentators of the Quran.

Scans from Edward Lane's lexicon have been used to elucidate and corroborate some of the arguments presented in my articles as this remains a site primarily for English readers. Highlights cited as red underlines and circles are my own and have no bearing on the original text other than they emphasise relevance to the topic at hand. These are merely illustrations and have solely been utilised for educational and explanatory purposes only.


Article:  Was the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Really Illiterate?

Powerful authorities have been very well cited in the lexicon and these can be further scrutinised against the original sources if need be. Some of these Arabic source links can be found here.

Edward Lanes Lexicon is widely accessible from good university libraries, especially those that cater for specialist Islamic studies departments and is available for purchase both online and in good Islamic bookshops. It can also be viewed and downloaded online for free.

Please find below some of the sites that kindly cater access to this resource:





The lexicon draws from the earliest and best Arabic lexicons which include powerful and well attested authorities.

Chronological list of well attested Lexicologists and Grammarians cited in the work


Authorities and abbreviations utilised





An Arabic English Lexicon converted into text







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